Tampa Garden Club | Tampa Wedding Photographer | Jody + Thomas Wedding

Everything about this wedding just screams CELEBRATION!! From the minute we stepped foot into Jody’s prep room, we knew this was going to be a fun day with lots of laughter and joy. And it definitely was!! Our cheeks and stomach abs definitely got a good workout from all the laughter that day.:)

Before we dive into all of the wedding images, we want to give a HUGE shout out to Jessica Meiczinger of Simply Divine Events for her incredible professionalism in putting this wedding together so successfully. We love working with you and your team!:)

The fun began at the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Tampa, where Jody and Thomas got dressed and ready for the ceremony. And right off the bat, the colors of the bouquet told us this was going to be a bubbly day!:)

Once everyone was ready to go, we made our way over to Saint John Greek Orthodox Church. Because it was important to Jody to capture the feel and scenery of Tampa that day, we decided to place the bridal party into the middle of the road in downtown Tampa for some photos.

The couple decided not to have a First Look and preferred to wait until the ceremony to see each other. So we snuck out the guys for some photos once the girls were all tucked away.

The warm and vibrant atmosphere of the church was just perfect for Jody and Thomas’ full service ceremony.

Right after the ceremony, we headed over to the Tampa Garden Club on Bayshore where the cocktail hour and reception were held. And as you can see the fun continued while we were taking some more bridal party photos.;)

And yes, this ACTUALLY happened!;)

We absolutely LOVE when clients get silly while taking the bride and groom portraits and their personalities really shine through. It makes the images so much more real.:)

The vibrant colors of the cocktail hour and reception decor matched exactly what Jody and Thomas had in mind when they said they want their wedding day to just be a big celebration.

To say that everyone had an absolute blast is probably an understatement. All of the guest were laughing and dancing the night away and having the time of their lives.:)

A BIG congratulations again to Jody and Thomas!! We love you and we hope you keep celebrating your marriage just like you did on your wedding day!;)


Successful “Support Jackie” Soiree at the K&K Photography Studio!

THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts for coming out to our “Support Jackie” Soiree last Friday night. With the help of all the AMAZING volunteers, helpers, supporters, and attendees we were able to raise over $10,000 for Jackie who is undergoing cancer treatment. This was by far the biggest event that has been held in our studio space to date and we are SO proud and honored to have co-hosted this special event. A HUGE thanks goes to Corina, Savannah, Erica, Olivia, Emily, Cornelia, Christine from Hip Honey Bee, and many more for putting in all the effort to make this event so successful. :) We are also VERY thankful for K&K’s wonderful friends in the industry who have been instrumental in bringing together all that we need to make our event for Jackie possible. We are so honored for the help and contributions of all who are involved. ESPECIALLY Amber Patricio and DJ from Event Design out of Tampa, Noor from Showorks, and Cristina Martin, owner of uDream Events in St Pete. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!:)

If you would like to read more about Jackie’s story or would like to donate, click HERE.:)

You can also purchase one of the gorgeous arrow necklaces from Hip Honey Bee, which are shown in the pictures below. Just click HERE to get it.:)

And lastly, make sure to scroll down all the way so you do not miss the incredible photo booth pictures that were taken that night!;)


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