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We’ve been so excited to post this wedding because it was just so cool in so many ways. 🙂 Rachel and Nick are expecting their first child (congrats!!) at the beginning of next year, and they were planning their wedding for mid-2010. At the last minute they found out that Nick, who is in the Navy Reserves, was being called to duty in the Middle East!–so the happy (and I do mean happy–they are SO sweet with each other!) couple quickly began planning a NEW wedding in the MUCH nearer future. So one of the reasons this wedding was so cool and special is that Nick has been volunteering his services for our country and is now being called on to be gone for over a year to continue to do so on a full-time basis. And they were married on the most patriotic day of the year. Add to that that your beautiful and loving wife will be giving birth to your son/daughter (do you guys know yet?) with daddy halfway around the globe. Needless to say, despite the short notice, we were honored to be referred to Rachel to photograph her wedding. Alright I’ve gone on long enough setting the scene…here are some of our faves to show you what I’m talking about. Congrats, Rachel & Nick! And Godspeed, Nick. 🙂


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Playing Catch Up…

Wow, it’s been a long time since the last blog post. SOOOOO much to share. But until then, wanted to share this photo first. Ana and I were at brunch the other day together and we ran into Dalas and Kiersten from an Engagement Session we’d done with them months back! It was so great to see them, and they looked fabulous. They were on their way to Busch Gardens for the day (FUN–lucky) but it got me thinking about some of the photos from their session that we didn’t post or use, even though they were great. (For all of you K&K Brides out there who’ve met with us and viewed our albums, this is the couple in the Engagement Sign-In album we show.) 🙂 Anyway, here’s another pic I dug up from their session that I really liked and wanted to share. Enjoy, and check back–LOTS more blog postings coming soon!…..


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