Fort De Soto Park | St. Petersburg Photographer | Natasha + Henry’s Engagement Session

Big congrats to Natasha + Henry who were married over the weekend at Avila Golf & Country Club in Tampa 🙂

We figured we’d celebrate their marriage by sharing some of their gorgeous engagement session photos taken in St. Petersburg at Fort De Soto Park by Expert Photographer Amy. Keep an eye out for their wedding photos featured on the blog later this Summer!


Downtown St. Petersburg | St. Petersburg Photographer | Jordon + Jacob’s Engagement Session

Jordyn + Jacob are just the cutest! These two started dating at 15 years old in high school and now 5 years later are getting married 🙂 They were so cute together during their engagement session and definitely one of those sweet couples who is naturally adorable.

Expert Photographer Amy took some super sweet photos of these two in Downtown St. Petersburg during their engagement session, check it out!

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