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Kelly’s Baby Shower | Here Comes #3!!

All you K&K’ers out there, or at least a great portion of those of you whose wedding we’ve photographed, have been fortunate enough to have been photographed by our longest-standing and truly-capable/amazing photographer Kelly. 🙂 Well for a change, a few days ago at her baby shower bonanza, she was in FRONT of the lens! […]

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Blythe’s 3rd Birthday Party, Curious George Style :)

Truth be told Ana and I are truly doting parents. 🙂 Not “doting” with all of the oft-associated negative connotations, but just purely we-give-our-kids-probably-100-hugs/kisses-per-day doting. And nothing makes Blythe smile more than a day at the park with a homemade cupcake the size of his head with a Curious George toy stuck in the frosting […]

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