Mirror Lake Lyceum | St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer | Elizabeth + Alex’s Wedding

We’re so happy to be sharing Elizabeth & Alex’s wedding at the historic Mirror Lake Lyceum, which was opened in St. Petersburg in the 1920’s. This historic site and all its structural beauty was the perfect location to celebrate this couple’s love and dance the night away! Here’s a peak into their beautiful day!

St. Pete is has this incredible lush woodsiness about it, we simply had to bring this bouquet outside to capture a little bit of that vibe

What a cute idea! Bridesmaids hold up chalkboard signs of how they know the bride!

What an adorable little bride’s helper!

Elizabeth is such a classic beauty!

Alex is really rockin’ that tux!

I love the first look, it’s such an emotional and electric moment!

You can just feel the rush of excitement between these two, followed by a calm loving vibe which takes the nerves away and allows the couple to enjoy each other for a moment before their day begins.

Off to the stunningly beautiful St. Raphael’s Catholic Church

Well dressed and ready to go!

I absolutely love this gorgeous chandelier!

They are just too cute!

Such a breathtakingly beautiful place to get married!

Not enough couples still smash cake in each other’s face, this was definitely refreshing to see! So fun 🙂

Break it down Alex!

What a lovely day, congrats to you both, thank you for letting us share your beautiful day!


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