Well Groomed

No, this post isn’t about personal hygiene–though after “Debby” had us without power at the house for 24hrs it might well be appropriate. 😉  No this is a quick post to accent a few shots we snapped at Lauren + Chuck’s Renaissance Vinoy wedding in St Pete at the end of last month and to share a few tidbits about successful groom prep. A quick thanks to Brooke Palmer of RSBP Events and all of the amazing vendors who made Lauren + Chuck’s wedding an absolute success.

Don’t take this the wrong way brides, but grooms sometimes get short shrift when it comes to wedding day photos. And rightly so, for the most part, as while brides take the better part of the entire morning getting themselves ready, the groom and groomsen are often ready in under 15 minutes. 🙂  So there’s more of a process and an incredible outcome, on the bride’s end, to document. But that doesn’t mean that the groom/groomsmen shouldn’t be highlighted, and here are a few helpful tips that we have seen prove that process successful:

1. (Pre-process) Spend some time putting together a few unique details for the groom. This gives us something fun to shoot and characterizes the groom and his experience on the day. This can be unique cufflinks, a bow-tie or particularly special straight tie, a distinctive boutonniere or a hundred other possibilities.
2. (Pre-process) This seems simple, but make sure your groomsmen know where they are supposed to meet and when, then buffer that by 15-30 minutes. 😉  Of all the stories I hear of the bride making the day run behind, we’ve actually seen more groomsmen’s lost pants cause delays than anything else. 😉 Which leads us to #3…
3. (Day-of) Don’t forget your pants. 😉  No really though, when you pick up your tux or suit either at the tailor or the rental location, ALWAYS check to ensure that a) all contents are inside and b) that it fits properly. Skinny pants may look cool on your own time, but when the Best Man is giving his speech he shouldn’t have to worry about his 3-sizes-too-small tux pants.

Also, check out our Pinterest board called “Groom Style” if you’re lacking inspiration. It might just have what you’re looking for.


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