Carlouel Yacht Club | Clearwater Photographer | Julie + Justin’s Wedding

We absolutely loved this wedding, not only because these two are super amazing and sweet together… but because even a little rain and a few dark storm clouds didn’t slow these two down. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment together and had such a good time on their wedding day, just exactly as they were meant to.

Julie is a local to the area so I’m sure she’s probably used to Florida’s spontaneous weather… aside from the gorgeous storm photos and the adorable umbrella photos of Julie with her bridesmaids, their wedding photos weren’t negatively affected in the slightest, in fact I think it makes them even more adorable.

This whole gorgeous day took place at the Carlouel Yacht Club in Clearwater and made for truly a beautiful day. Enjoy!  🙂

Look at that gorgeous and happy bride!

Sparkly gold shoes, always a winner  🙂

The beautiful St. Cecelia Roman Catholic Church

I absolutely LOVE the idea of the ombre boutonniere’s, that’s extremely clever

They definitely got their teams loved and supported! 😉

Awwww   🙂

Love these, too cute!

That storm does make for a gorgeous and epic background!

These are so sweet, I love how she cozy’s up to him

Perfection  🙂

I absolutely love how the cake matches Julie’s dress perfectly, gorgeous!

You think they had fun? Absolutely!  🙂


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