Tampa Doubletree Promo Shoot

We were so happy to be asked to do a promotional photo shoot of the Doubletree Guest Suites Tampa Bay. It’s an interesting change of pace photographing a ceremony with no bride/groom and a reception with no guests. Feels like something’s missing for sure. 🙂 But sort of a fun contrast to the regular weekend shoots where there actually ARE guests, a bride, a groom, music, laughter, etc. We’ll call it a little bit of yin-yang.

But more about the shoot–we had the great pleasure of working with two of our favorite people: Matt & Amanda from MMD Events. They are incredibly versatile people and artists…and on that note, an impromptu Top 10 List:

Top 10 Things We Like About MMD Events

10. They’re funny

9. They make delicious ravioli

8. They’re a married working couple, just like us (and more importantly, they LIKE to work together, just like us)

7. They have fun board games

6. They’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty

5. They tell it like it is

4. By making the event beautiful they make our job easy

3. They create amazing pieces by mixing floral and decor elements

2. We both have funny stories about a squirrel

1. They (well, Amanda–sorry Matt) make delicious black-cherry upside down cake!

Doubletree Guest Suites Promo Shoot from Jeff Kathrein on Vimeo.


Hey Guys!

Absolutely gorgeous. I love the the image of three roses on the ribbon.


Kev Ellis -

Beautiful pics Jeff…Absolutely gorgeous. You have a great eye for detail and the “Suncoast” has the most beautiful sunsets!! Thus, the Sarasota, Tampa Bay region….used to be my home…I love it there, it’s Paradise.

Kev Ellis -


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