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It’s New Year’s Eve 2015, the weather in Tampa is perfection, the two doctors that are getting married are some of the most fun, incredible people to ever live… and to top it all off, they pull off the party of a century. Sounds too good to be true right? We wouldn’t have believed it if you had told us but fortunately we were there to experience Danielle + Geoffrey’s wedding first hand at the beautiful Tampa Garden Club. New Year’s weddings are always a lot of fun but there were so many incredible moments in this day, we found ourselves laughing with guests and reliving moments after the party was long over and most of the guests had left.

Thank you both for welcoming us like we were family and treating us as though we were guests at your wedding, we will never forget what an incredible wedding it was and how much fun you and all your guests were! Congrats!!

Danielle opening her beautiful gift from Geoffrey… the card is written, “Hey Ho”… the entire room was dying laughing. Geoffrey, we love you already from this exact moment 🙂

How stunning is Danielle in that dress! It was almost as if it was made for just for her.

Some of the best bridesmaids dresses ever, perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding!

Geoffrey was surprised and delighted to see that he got a Rolex from his future wife!

His boys couldn’t stop staring at it!

Look at those handsome gentlemen! We couldn’t get enough of Geoffrey’s white tuxedo jacket, gave him a very classic look.

As the sun sets at Tampa Garden Club

Shots! In syringes… appropriate for a wedding full of doctors 🙂


We loved the beautiful chandeliers hung from the trees around their outdoor ceremony

Cigars for the guests!

Party favors and hats and a Lions shot ice luge 

All white, clean, simple & classic reception setup, perfect.

We loved the high cocktail style table in the middle of the room

Immediately following the parent dances, the music kicked off and the party started right away. No toasts, no formal dinner, just incredible music, the DJ was on fire ALL.NIGHT.LONG! The food was a buffet of some of the most delicious food we’ve ever tasted. It was an eat when you like, dance when you like, sit when you like type of party 🙂

The party was officially in high gear when Geoffrey decided that his cummerbund looked much better on his head, ninja style 🙂 His incredible new wife even let him keep it like that all night!

We had the privilege to see the seductive and hysterical dance that Geoffrey did for Danielle before gently removing her garter 🙂

Geoffrey’s fraternity brothers sang a beautiful song to his new bride

Happy New Year!


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