The Birchwood | St. Petersburg Photographer | Alisha + Stephen’s Wedding

Alisha + Steven’s wedding was very special to me, for a few reasons 🙂 My son Jude was born on their wedding day, so in preparation for that I brought two of my best photographers with me for backup in case I had to leave the wedding a little early. Ana (my wife) was in early stages of labor that Sunday morning before I headed out to the wedding, but being the trooper that she is and this being our third child, she said I’ll call when you need to come home  🙂 Jude August was born in the evening and Expert Photographer Emily & Master Photographer Cornelia stayed to photograph these two amazing people so I could watch my son being born! 🙂

The absolute best part of this all, Alisha was more than supportive being a pediatrician herself, she happily sent me on my way and the girls stayed and did a fantastic job in my stead. Needless to say, I’m super in love with all their photos and wanted to share our story we share along with their gorgeous images. Big thanks to all of you that day and and even bigger shout out to my incredible wife, thank you for three beautiful kids, I love you all so much!  🙂

We just LOVE the Birchwood in St. Petersburg, it has that modern classic charm that doesn’t get old!
Even us photographers get photos with our amazing clients 🙂

Alisha was all smiles and laughs and that smile of hers is not only gorgeous it’s completely infectious! 


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