Tampa Wedding Photographer-Tierra Verde-Engagement Session-Owen + Tiffany

I enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy eating. That feeling that you’ve created something for someone that they love–hopefully–and also the art of it, the presentation. When I was five years old I decided that I’d be a chef, and that nothing could be better than working with food and having a name as catchy as “Jeff the Chef”. Yup, big dreams. 😉 But I digress…. When I met Owen for the first time (I had known Tiffany already for some time by this point) I learned that he was a painter. He showed me some of his work, and it is…and let me be clear…UHHHH-MAAAA-ZIING. The colors he chooses, the angles and lines, and most of all the overall impact on the viewer is nothing short of incredible. So what do Owen’s paintings and me wanting to be a chef have to do with an Engagement Session? Good question, and I’ll answer your/(my) question with another question: have you ever cooked for a chef and not realized that they were a chef until they was sitting at the table? Exactly. I was shooting a portrait session for a couple whose portraits were awe-inspiring, and I have to admit I was a little nervous.

To cut to the chase, the shoot was a complete success and a REALLY good time. Such a good time that I may start referring to Owen and Tiffany as “The Owen & Tiffany Show”. It’s hard to take a clear photo when you’re belly-roll laughing, but somehow I pulled it off. 🙂 Check out some of the shots from their silly/fun/romantic/crazy/wild Engagement Session below. We’ve since photographed their BEAUTIFUL wedding in Chicago, and are just catching up on blog posts so check back soon to see those gems. Oh, I can’t wait to post em. 🙂 Happy Tuesday!

Tiff & Owen were going to send this first shot to their parents as a joke, saying that they just couldn’t wait for the wedding… 🙂

Tiffany York -

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I love these shots SOOOO much!! It really was a blast–even in 95 degree weather with the humidity blazing that evening–you can’t even tell it was so brutal out because we were having such a good time!! You ROCK! As Owen put it best, after we receive our wedding photos, “Jeff is our photographer FOR LIFE!” I totally agree 🙂

Kelly -

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the close-up of him kissing her on the cheek…so perfect.

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