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We adore Lacey and Kirk! They are warm, caring, and fun and were so great to work with. They were all about doing creative, artistic photos and alloted a couple hours prior to the ceremony for us to photograph them and their wedding party. We love having the opportunity to have this kind of time with our bride and groom. It gives us the ability to shoot in multiple locations and get really creative!! And, Lacey and Kirk and their whole wedding party were really into it! They were the best models!

bridal photography

bridal photography

bridal photography

bridal photography

Notice the fab jewelry on each of the ladies? Lacey is a jewelry designer and designed these amazing guitar pick necklaces. She’s the creative mastermind behind her company Pink Lacey.

After their great photo shoot, it was time for the wedding! The ceremony took place at the beautiful Cuban Centro Asturiano Theater. It started with a dark theater filled with family and friends and the beautiful music of pianist, Joe Davidian, resonating from the orchestra pit. Each guest holding the custom playbill entitled, “A Concert of Love” and chock-full of fun facts about the bride and groom, the different acts of the wedding/show, and even a “Who’s who in the cast”!  The procession of the bridal party and the lovely bride started from the back of the theater up to the stage. Each person lit individually by spotlights as they walked across the theater (amazing lighting done by the brilliant Bay Stage Lighting). The ceremony was broken into sections, and each section was followed by a breathtaking performance. Maid of Honor, Kerrie Roberts and bridesmaid, Danielle Cruz, both professional vocalists, and Danielle’s brother, Kyle Cruz, also a professional musician, performed 6 show-stopping songs. We found it hard not to set down our cameras and be swept away by the art and beauty. It felt like we were watching a broadway show more than a wedding.

bridal photography
bridal photography

The reception room looked beautiful with the black and white decor and Bay Stage Lighting brought it to a whole new level with gorgeous GOBOs lighting the ceilings and walls.

Kirk and Lacey, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your spectacular wedding!! And here’s to you both and your beautiful life together!

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Jeff, Ana and Blythe!

Thanks so much for including us on your Blog!!! Such kind words!!! Photos are amazing!!! Lots of Love!!

Lacey & Kirk

Jordan -

Well, I know who will be doing my wedding photography! You guys are amazing!

Jazleen -

Great photos! Odd question: I am trying to track down the same feather centerpieces, do you know the vendor?

Lacey -

Hey Jazleen, the floral arrangements were all done by Kathy Gilbert at Northside Florist

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