Kiersten and Dalas

Kiersten and Dalas were an absolute joy to photograph. We had a great time at all three locations we visited on the shoot–despite the heat and humidity–and I think Kiersten gave us ALL some useful tree-climbing lessons! What a fun couple…it was a pleasure.

Jeff & Ana



These are wonderful!!

Alex L'Allier -

Wow! This couple is soooo stunning! Beautifully shot. Kiersten’s eyes are magnificent! They are so obviously in love and it really comes through in the shots!

Kelly Preston

We had the honor of shooting the lovely Kelly Preston last week, and we’re very excited to announce that our work has been published in the June 23rd-29th issue of TV Guide Magazine. The article promotes her new TV movie The Tenth Circle which airs June 28th on Lifetime. We’ve heard great things about the film–so be sure to check it out this Saturday!

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