Cool abandoned-train portrait shoot

We were driving back from a seminar held by NYLA photographer Scott Gunnells, inspired as usual, when we passed an old abandoned train on the roadside–and as you can see, we just couldn’t help but explore a little. It was a LOT of fun shooting on this old, run-down passenger train, though I have to admit some parts of it were a little creepy. But it gave us a chance to shoot each other for a change! 🙂 Here are some of our favorites.



Amy Dineen -

Ummmm………… excuse me you beautiful people, those shots are amazing, as is all of your work. You are incredible artists, you truly capture the essence of beauty, I feel so inspired and uplifted by it……… kind’a makes me scream in delight.

p.s. Where ya’ been all my life?

Amy & Peter

We had a blast doing this engagement shoot. Amy and Peter are amazing individuals and an incredible couple. We did the shoot in the town of Dunedin on a beautiful Sunday. Amy and Peter were great models and we loved spending time with them.02022008.jpg02022008b.jpg02022008c.jpg

H a p p e n i n g   N o w